The Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund

Press on this picture above, or here, to see a great article on CBS News.
"Tom Brady helps his life-long mentor in search for a new kidney on".

Your donation to the Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund will help get lifesaving organ transplants quickly for those who are less fortunate and address the organ transplant availability and transplant healthcare disparities caused by race, ethnicity, geography, and economic status.
If you would like to contribute, please scroll down to complete the form below or contact our Charitable Donation Department at (781) 821-2204 ext.7, or you can send a check to:, 766 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021.
Thank you for helping others less fortunate receive the gift of life!

Press on the picture above to see Tom Martinez as "ABC's Person of The Week"

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Tom on CBS Sports on the right.


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Making a donation to the Tom Martinez Goal line Fund.

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